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What is a Komondor?

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The Komondor is a serious dog who loves the outdoors. He can think for himself, since his ancestors usually protected sheep with no people nearby. These qualities mean he does best in a family that knows how to handle a bold dog who needs plenty of room to run.

The Komondor is a member of the Working Group and was first recognized by the AKC in 1937.

KomondorThis is what MY Angle Baby would look like if I would let her Cords Grow out. But, because she lives here in Texas I do cut her down for the summer. Infact her hair grows so fast I cut her down every 7 weeks.


So you want to own a Komondor?
When you see a dog in a white Corded coat there is no mistaking it for a Komondor. The Komondor's coat is cord-like and requires a lot of work to maintain.  And I do mean a lot of maintains.

This breed was bred to think for itself and is usually intelligent. Given the proper care and home, a Komondor is a responsible, loving dog. Obedience training  is a must... This independent smart dog needs obedience training starting  early .  They have a job to do and they will find it and do it. There job is to Gard....
The Komondor is a flock guardian, not a herder.
The mature, experienced dog tends to stay close to his charges, whether a flock or family; she is unlikely to be drawn away from them in chase, and typically doesn't wander far. Though very sensitive to the desires of his master, heavy-handed training will produce a stubborn, unhappy Komondor.
While reserved with strangers, the Komondor is demonstrative with those he loves, selflessly devoted to his family and his charges, and will defend them against any attack.
I do not breed Komondors. There are very few good Komondor breeders. I do know good Komondor people but, as for me" My Angle Baby " is a Pet and a working part of my Kennels.
The Komondor Rescue center is a non-profit referral organization dedicated to placing unwanted Komondors into new carefully screened homes.
Visit the Komondor  Rescue   and  Komondor Club of America if you wish to learn more about this wonderful breed of dog.

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